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Winter Flu Jabs arriving mid-September

Our Main Services

As well as offering free prescription collection and delivery and pill packs to eligible customers free of charge, we also offer the following services:

Pneumonia vaccination Service

Covid Test Home Kit

Travel Vaccinations

This vaccination helps protect against pneumococcal pneumonia.

Purchase a home sample collection kit at Fullarton pharmacy.

We will tailor your immunisations to exactly where you travel.

HPV Vaccination

The HPV vaccination is for men and women, helping to protect against cervical cancer, genital warts & some other types of cancers.

Hair Loss Treatments

We offer Finasteride or Propecia as treatments to prevent, in some instances, reverse hair loss.

Winter Flu Jabs

Protect yourself this winter.


Please note this service is extremely popular and operates on a first come first served basis. Please phone Fullarton pharmacy to book your vaccine as early as possible to ensure you're vaccinated in time.

Minor Ailments

Our pharmacist will be able to offer free advice and may be able to offer you medicines for a minor illness without you having to book an appointment to see your GP.

Passport & Visa Photos

Quality passport and visa photos while you wait.